At Air New Zealand our frequent flyers can benefit from a range of upgrade opportunities. These include:

OneUp™ upgrades

OneUp is Air New Zealand’s upgrade offer system that gives Airpoints members the opportunity to move up one cabin class when travelling internationally.

Recognition Upgrades

As an Elite, Gold or Silver Airpoint member you’ll receive Recognition Upgrades each year of your tiered membership. 

It is our way of saying thank you for choosing Air New Zealand. These Recognition Upgrades can each be used for one sector one class upgrades or if you have two they can be put together to move from Economy to Business Class on our aircraft that operate three cabin classes.

Elite Short Haul Recognition Upgrade

Elite members receive an additional Short Haul Recognition Upgrade each membership year in which they retain Elite status. These Elite Short Haul Recognition Upgrades can be used for one class upgrades on short haul routes between New Zealand and Australia or the Pacific Islands (this does not include medium haul flights to Perth, Honolulu, Bali or between Sydney and Rarotonga).

Elite Airpoints Dollar Upgrades

Elite Airpoints Dollar Upgrades allow Elite Airpoints™ members to request one cabin class upgrades at fixed rates. Elite members pay for these upgrades using their Airpoints Dollars™.

Please note:

The UK government imposes an Air Passenger Duty in relation to each passenger travelling on flights originating from London. If you upgrade to a higher class, the higher Air Passenger Duty rate applies.