Market Planning & Network Analysis  

Forecasting demand is the first step in establishing or changing a network. Significant expertise and experience is necessary to confidently forecast the Origin-Destination market size based on economic conditions, destinational competitiveness, and propensity to travel. Market access, route and network strategies are critical to ensure fair market share. Decision making needs to be supported by extensive analytical tool sets and economic models.

Air New Zealand has one of the most challenging global networks to plan given the breadth and reach of the network with routes ranging from 15 minutes to 13 hours.

Fleet Management

Fleet represents the largest part of an airline balance sheet and has a significant impact on network capabilities, product, and cost structure. Decision making needs to be supported by well developed and proven processes incorporating use of technical, financial, and economic models.

Since 2001, Air New Zealand has selected five new aircraft types and introduced 56 units of B1900, Q300, A320, and B777 with B787-9 aircraft committed for 2010 delivery. Corresponding numbers of aircraft will be exited by way of sale and lease terminations. We also offer advice on insurance and leasing entry/exit conditions.

Operational Integrity and Risk Reviews

The integrity and safety of an airline's operation underpins the value of the Brand. Independent reviews can provide Executive assurance on the capabilities and operational performance of the airline. The scope can be adjusted to suit any requirements and would normally be based on compliance, capabilities and risk assessment using established methodologies.

Air New Zealand has undertaken reviews following significant changes in fleet or structure. Side benefits have been a lifting of focus and skills in the resident assurance resource.

Airline Start Ups

Airline start up companies will require access to extensive experience in the areas of Regulatory approvals and compliance, fleet sourcing, maintenance and operations support, airports, and training.

Air New Zealand Group operates five airlines and has assisted other airlines in their establishment phase. Many airlines have chosen to contract their services directly to Air New Zealand in order to access economies of scale not available to a start up airline.


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