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Love needed

I wonder how do many buildings sit unloved. Surely someone wants them.

Sand Dune Fun

We had a blast and will return to do the big stuff. There was the odd FAIL moment. Too funny.

Te Paki Sand Dunes

Sand dune surfing. These can be 100 metres tall. We decide to stick to the small ones.

About to go swimming

We hit the water and go for a paddle on the boogie boards. Des catches a handful of waves before he has...

Des Ready

Looking forward to the water.

Summer fun

Toputupotu Bay Cape Reinga

Beautiful sand and surf.

The Big Swim

We decide to take in the surf at Cape Reinga.

Leaving Cape Reinga

Inside Jefree.

Leaving Cape Reinga

The water was an amazing blue green. The two Oceans pushed and pulled as they confronted each other creating...

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