The Fantastic New Zealand Freeway

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Bye Jefree!

You will be missed! A massive thank you to Air New Zealand and their partners Avis, Z Energy, Toyota

Last Stop

One last stop at Massey University before Jefree heads home to Avis :(

Jefree...the Good Sort

Jefree uses his Toyota Hybrid power to help out a stranger in need. Aww Jefree!

Fountain at Oriental Bay

Jefree taking in the views at Oriental Bay, Wellington.


Awesome looking place in the back streets of Wellington

Iko Iko Wellington

Funky shop in the heart of Wellington with loads of quirky things inside, Jefree recommends!

Destination Wellywood

Finaly! After a good few days traveling up and down the country from Auckland to Kerikeri, back to

Scenery heading into Wellington

Coastal highway to Wellington...not far to go now...all of half an hour! Jefree's not even tired. 

Road sign to Wellington # 1

This guy is driving with his Sheep!

Welcome to New Zealand!

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