As the OneSmart Account is a financial product your identity needs to be verified before you can begin to use it. First up, you can try and do this online - you’ll need a current New Zealand Driver’s licence to do this. If you don’t have a New Zealand Driver’s licence, you will need to be identified in person.

If we can’t verify your identity online, don’t worry! Just download our ID form, grab the appropriate identification as listed on the form and head down to any BNZ store. A friendly customer service agent will be happy to help.

Helpful hint: Once you’ve visited a store it can take up to three business days before your OneSmart Account will be activated.

Once your OneSmart Account is activated, we’ll drop you an email to let you know. At this point, you’ll need to log back into your online OneSmart Account to set up a PIN.

Activate your OneSmart Account now.