Air New Zealand 75th Anniversary Exhibition

Air New Zealand 75 Years: Our nation. The world. Connected

Come and visit our highly acclaimed exhibition at Canterbury Museum, opening in September 2016.

A 75 year timeline tells the intertwining stories of our nation’s airline and how these stories have become a New Zealand story. Be transported back in time with nostalgic objects, uniforms through the decades, and information about New Zealand’s early aviation history.

Experience the glamour of a Solent cabin from the flying boat era, celebrate the breakthrough sixties jet age on board the DC-8, and go behind the scenes to see what it takes for Air New Zealand to turn around a long haul aircraft and have it ready for its next flight.

It's a hands-on, sensory rich experience. You can even paint your own plane and experience the future of flying in our virtual reality flight lab.

Open at Canterbury Museum until 30 April 2017. Exhibition entry is free, donations to Museum appreciated.

  • The 1940s were dominated by the war effort, with many future airline pilots gaining training in combat. The very first TEAL flight took to the skies in 1940, connecting Kiwis to the world in a whole new way. The decade also heralded the advent of stewardesses on board. 
    Be transported to the '40s
  • Despite flying still being seen as an expensive luxury or unavoidable necessity, both TEAL and NAC grew during the 1950s. TEAL became known for their legendary Coral Route flight path, which provided a luxurious tour of the beautiful Pacific Islands by flying boat and attracted many wealthy Americans to our part of the world. 
    Be transported to the '50s
  • By the beginning of the decade, five million domestic passengers had flown with NAC, reflecting a real change in the way people viewed air travel. The 60s were the dawn of the jet age for TEAL and the beginning of a new identity, with a name change to Air New Zealand in 1965. And of course Beatlemania hit the country in 1964, when the Beatles stepped off a TEAL aircraft at Wellington Airport to a massive crowd of waiting Kiwis. 
    Be transported to the '60s
  • The 70s saw the introduction of the iconic Koru logo, the historic merger of NAC and Air New Zealand, the adoption of computerisation, and the darkest time in Air New Zealand’s history - the Erebus tragedy that rocked the nation. 
    Be transported to the '70s
  • The introduction of the first 747-200s in 1981 signalled the beginning of the Jumbo era for Air New Zealand. The three storey high aircraft realised opportunities in international cargo like never before, and gave passengers and crew an altogether different experience due to the scale and capacity of the planes. Air New Zealand could stretch its wings once again, this time reaching even further around the globe. 
    Be transported to the '80s
  • The 90s kicked off to an exciting start with the arrival of the first Boeing 747-400 in 1992 and a whole new uniform to match, but the ill-fated decision to acquire half of Ansett in 1995 meant the decade ended with Air New Zealand battling for control of the Australian airline. 
    Be transported to the '90s
  • The beginning of the new millennium was a difficult one, with wrangling over Ansett and increasing fuel prices. But a new vision for the future and some big changes saw Air New Zealand’s fortunes transform for the better before the decade was out. 
    Be transported to the '00s