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Bookme ReviewSkyline Rotorua Gondola and 4 Luge Ride Pack - RotoruaPosted by Michelle from Australia on 23 Sep 2019

  • Michelle said... I’ve never been on a Gondola and Luge before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Terrified of heights I was skeptical that I would enjoy the ride but wanted to try. I survived the Gondola ride up with wide eyes trying not to look out at the wonderful view that was passing me, looking straight ahead and not looking down the ride was quickly over. While I didn’t enjoy the Gondola, the Luge rides were so much fun. After getting some quick instructions on how to navigate the contraption I set off down the hill. Taking the scenic run first I wanted to take things easy thinking I wouldn’t enjoy it but I was wrong. I loved it and wanted to go faster. Second run was intermediate and it got me wanting more so my third trip I decided to do the expert run.

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