Dilworth Hearing

Earn Airpoints Dollars™ with Dilworth Hearing, New Zealand's audiology experts.

Airpoints™ and Dilworth Hearing

After several years of enjoying a strong partnership together, we find that our respective future plans don’t include an ongoing partnership. For this reason, we have made the mutual decision to end our partnership and for Dilworth Hearing to no longer offer Airpoints Dollars™ earn effective 1 September 2020.

Airpoints™ members who meet the Airpoints Dollars earn criteria with Dilworth Hearing before 31 August 2020, will still be eligible to receive Airpoints Dollars.

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Earning Airpoints Dollars™ with Dilworth Hearing

Airpoints™ members can now earn Airpoints Dollars on all purchases when they visit any Dilworth Hearing Clinic for expert diagnostic hearing testing and personalised treatment plans. Simply present your Airpoints card when attending your appointment and you'll earn 1 Airpoints Dollar for every $115 you spend.

To find out more about earning Airpoints Dollars at Dilworth Hearing, visit the Dilworth Hearing website.

Alternatively, to learn more about our Airpoints partners, visit the Airpoints partner map.