2016 Airpoints™ for Schools journeys

Thanks to the generosity of our Airpoints™ members, all of the schools which participated in the 2016 Airpoints for Schools programme have achieved their travel goals and are taking off on their adventures. Keep up with their journeys below.
  • A group of Aorere College students were given the chance to reconnect with their Samoan heritage. The students experienced local schooling and culture, and undertook community service along Apia’s shoreline. 
    Find out more about their trip to Samoa.
  • Ten students from Maraekakaho School in Hastings had the opportunity to shine at the 2016 FIRST LEGO League (FLL) national robotics competition in Auckland. 
    Find out more about their trip to Auckland.
  • A group of students travelled to Singapore to visit their sister school as part of a cultural exchange, a trip that students have been fundraising towards for the last two years. 
    Find out more about their trip to Singapore.
  • A group of students travelled to Wellington to attend the World of WearableArt Awards for the first time. The students have entered their local wearable arts competition each year, and have come away with many prizes to date. 
    Find out more about their trip to Wellington.
  • Students travelled to Hokitika to monitor and compare new spawning habitats of whitebait as part of a new initiative, Whaka Inaka: Causing Whitebait, which has been created through EOS Ecology, DOC and the University of Canterbury. 
    Find out more about their trip to Hokitika.
  • Students from Te Kura o Otangarei School were given the opportunity to travel to the Cook Islands to connect with their tupuna waka. The students immersed themselves in local schooling and culture and participated in traditional activities. 
    Find out more about their trip to the Cook Islands.
  • The school will be taking their student senior leadership council to Christchurch for a leadership retreat, visiting the beehive, local Member of Parliament’s office and attend National Young Leaders Day. 
    Find out more about their trip to Christchurch.
  • The Virtual Learning Network (VLN) Primary School represents a group of eight virtual rural remote schools. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy the company of a large number of peers, many of them for the first time, for a project camp in Wellington. 
  • A group of teachers will be travelling to Europe to further develop their knowledge of the school's newly implemented KIVA anti-bullying programme that was established at Turku University, Finland. 
  • A group of students will be travelling to the Pacific Islands. Students will be assisting with the building and painting of classrooms, installation of IT resources and water tanks, and sharing of culture and language with the community where the school is located.