Aorere College’s journey to Samoa

Six Aorere College students were recently given the chance to reconnect with their Samoan heritage after meeting their 10,000 Airpoints Dollar™ donation target.

The group flew to Apia, Samoa where they spent ten days immersed in Samoan culture, exploring their roots and the places their ancestors migrated from. They experienced school life in Samoa by spending time at local school Robert Louis Stevenson College, and by attending Samoa College’s athletics day.

Students also had an opportunity to witness local culture by visiting town, attending a Samoan church service, as well as a range of cultural performances. They spent a day at Lalomanu Beach, where they volunteered to clean up rubbish along Apia's shoreline, a place that is very popular with tourists and locals alike. Their journey was topped off with swimming at Piula Cave Pool, which remains as one of the highlights of their trip.

The students have all come back with unforgettable memories and an experience full of culture and learning that will help them with their academic journey back in New Zealand.

“Samoa was such a humbling and beautiful experience. It was a blessing to learn more about the traditional ways of my culture, to walk through the soil of my ancestors, and to see a glimpse of the life my father and grandparents grew up in. I am thankful for this opportunity and the things I have learnt will be cherished deeply” – Leoni Tua, Year 12 student at Aorere College.