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To be considered for the Airpoints™ for Schools programme all applications must be submitted by a current employee of the school.

Applications to the Airpoints for Schools programme are being accepted between 9.00am 17 September – 5.00pm 26 October 2018.

What you'll need for this application

  • Your school's details (name, address, decile, level, type)
  • Why you are seeking the funding and how domestic or international flights would help your students to achieve their goals. If you need inspiration, check out school journeys from previous years.
  • Where you want to go, proposed dates of travel and the confirmed number of travellers
  • The level of funding you are seeking
  • A high resolution image of the school group looking to travel 

Important dates

  • Schools will be shortlisted on 7 November 2018. All shortlisted schools will be notified by 8 November 2018
  • Shortlisted schools must provide principal sign-off by 12 November 2018

Please ensure that you have read and understood the Airpoints for Schools Terms & Conditions before commencing this application. If you require help, please contact


Science example

Our students live in a rural area and most have never been on a plane or seen the sea. Our science-based school is keen to travel to Dunedin to introduce our children to hands-on experience of sea-life through our living world science learning area. We have explored our wetlands and now the next stage is to get involved and understand marine life. 

Culture example

To celebrate our 5-year milestone of being the only level 1 total immersion Maori school in our area, our tauira (students) and their parents have been fundraising for an overseas experience. Through travelling as a collective to the Gold Coast, our tauira will create life long memories, experience an abundance of learning opportunities and hopefully this trip will spark a desire for them to travel further afield and become contributing global citizens to their communities in the future.

Environmental example

Our pupils have recently won a competition for which the brief was to create an app that helps their environment. The girls chose the bee and the issues surrounding its decreasing population. They want to educate people on the important role that the bee plays. Along with winning a division of the competition, they also won a United Nations Environmental Award. They have been invited to enter their design in Technovation Challenge and attend the 5-day pitch summit to be held in San Francisco in August 2018.

Sport/Arts example

We are seeking funding to take 15 students to the Joint Dance Congress of Dance and the Child international (daCi) and World Dance Alliance (WDA) Global Education & Training Network to be held in Adelaide, Australia 8-13 July 2018. This congress will focus on our youth learning and sharing culture with the aim for our students to participate in intercultural dance exchanges with people from all around the world.

Inspiration example

We have been able to establish and sustain great supporting connections from the Global Women's Leadership Group, who believe in our vision here at our school and have kindly offered us free guided tours and activities if we wish to take our students to Wellington. Being able to provide this opportunity to our students who come from backgrounds that would see them most likely never leave their home town, would mean the absolute world.