Waikite Valley School students head off on a leadership journey

Senior Leadership Council students had the opportunity to fly to Christchurch for a leadership retreat after reaching their 7,500 Airpoints Dollar™ donation target.

As part of the school's 'Growing Leaders' programme, leadership principles are an everyday focus for senior Waikite Valley School students. This year the Senior Leadership Council had a chance to apply their leadership skills during their adventure to Christchurch.

The students attended National Young Leaders Day, an event aimed at developing and inspiring student leadership. This was an interactive day where they had a chance to take part in various leadership-based group activities, as well as hear from and interact with a variety of New Zealand leaders. The jam-packed day concluded with a concert by a Christchurch-based band, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The students left the event with new invaluable skills, as well as motivation for the future.

"Thank you to Air New Zealand and its Airpoints members for the awesome flight to Christchurch. This would not have been possible without your support and it is a trip that we will remember for our lifetime." - Ben Johnston, Year 8 student at Waikite Valley School.