Airpoints™ & Pumped at Z and Caltex FAQs

1. How do I earn Airpoints Dollars™ on fuel at Z and Caltex?

Every time you fill up and scan your Airpoints™ card you'll earn Airpoints Dollars at the rate of A1 per 100 litres of fuel. So if you filled up today with 50 litres, you'll get A0.5 added to your Airpoints Dollar balance from your visit to Z or Caltex. And now you'll also receive Pumped fuel discounts when you use your Airpoints card too!

2. I have a New World Clubcard with an Airpoints logo on it, can I use it at Z and Caltex?

New world club cards that are linked to an Airpoints account will get Pumped discounts but will not collect Airpoints Dollars. Use your Airpoints card to get both!

3. How do Z Business fuel cards earn Airpoints Dollars?

Eligible Z Business fuel cards will earn Airpoints Dollars at a rate of A1 for every 100 litres of fuel at Z and Caltex service stations. Z Business fuel card users do not need to scan an Airpoints card at each transaction, instead Airpoints Dollars are calculated on total fuel purchased at the end of the calendar month. We'll add up the total fuel spend and the Airpoints number registered on the Z Business account will get the Airpoints Dollars, usually by the 10th day of the next month.

4. Will I get Pumped discount if I pay with my Airpoints earning credit card?

No, you will need to scan your Airpoints card to receive the Pumped discount. But the great news is, if you also pay with your Airpoints earning credit card you will boost your Airpoints balance further.

5. How do Airpoints promotions work, e.g. 3x or 4x Airpoints Dollars?

Sometimes we offer extra rewards. This can be double, triple or quadruple the standard Airpoints Dollars earn rate; you will get bonus Airpoints Dollars on any full and partial Airpoints Dollars earned during the promotional period.

6. What is Pumped? How does it work? And how do I participate?

Pumped gives you fuel discounts every time you visit Z or Caltex and scan your Airpoints card with no minimum spend. Plus, you'll still earn your Airpoints Dollars. You can also choose to stack your discount when you spend $40 or more so you'll get an even bigger discount next time.

You can also use your Z or Caltex App to get Pumped discounts, and load your Airpoints card onto the Z or Caltex App to earn rewards.

7. What are Super Pumped Days?

Sometimes you'll get an even bigger fuel discount with Pumped, Z call these Super Pumped days! Z and Caltex will also update their website whenever a Super Pumped Day is coming up and send out an email, so make sure you're signed up to receive emails from Z and Caltex.

8. What is a Pumped day?

Every day is a Pumped day, every day you get 6c per litre off fuel with no minimum spend. Simply scan your Airpoints card.

9. How do I save on fuel and earn rewards with Pumped?

It's simple - just scan your Airpoints card at the counter or at the pump!

10. How does stacking work?

You can also choose to stack your discount when you spend $40 or more so you'll get an even bigger discount next time. The Z Or Caltex App is a great place to track your Pumped balance. Pumped discounts can be used up until the end of the calendar month following the month in which they were earned.

11. Can I stack more than once?

Yes! You can stack as many discounts you like as long as they don't expire. You're stacked balance will continue to grow and then you can use them all at once on a future fill. Pumped discounts can be used up until the end of the calendar month following the month in which they were earned.

12. How do I register my Airpoints card to get Pumped offers?

Just head to to sign up, scan your physical card or download the Air New Zealand App to use your digital Airpoints card to save on fuel and earn Airpoints Dollars every time you shop. 

13. I picked up a temporary card from the counter, how do I register?

Just head to to register your temporary card or link to your existing Airpoints account and you'll be saving on fuel and earning Airpoints Dollars in no time.

14. Are all my stacked Pumped discounts cleared every time I redeem my fuel discounts?

Yes - every time you use your Pumped discounts they are cleared, and your Pumped stacked balance returns to zero so that you can start stacking again. 

15. What is the maximum amount of fuel I can use my fuel discounts for?

Pumped discounts apply up to a maximum of 50 litres. If you buy more then 50 litres in one transaction the discount will apply to the first 50 litres and any fuel purchased above this amount will be charged at the full pump price.

16. Can I use my Pumped discounts on all types of fuel?

You can use your Pumped discounts for petrol and diesel fuel purchases from the pump. You cannot use discounts for LPG. 

17. How can I view my Pumped balance?

There are a few ways to view your Pumped balance, the best way to view your balance and keep track of your saving is to use your Z or Caltex App. But you can also check your receipt, view on screen using Pay at Pump or ask the friendly staff after you've filled up and paid, or call the Z service centre - 0800 474 355; or Caltex service centre - 0800 REFUEL (733 835).

18. Who do I contact for more information and help with my Pumped discounts?

You can call Z on 0800 474 355.

You can call Caltex on 0800 REFUEL (733 835).

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