Earn Airpoints Dollars™ when you get a MoleMap.

MoleMap has led the way in melanoma detection having diagnosed over 250,000 patients. Combining New Zealand's harsh summer with our outdoorsy lifestyle it's important to get checked out to remove any doubt. As an added bonus with MoleMap, you'll now be able to earn Airpoints Dollars™ when you head into a clinic to be checked.

Earning Airpoints Dollars™ with MoleMap

Airpoints™ members will earn A2.5 for every $100 qualifying spend at MoleMap*

With over 40 clinics throughout New Zealand, book today to remove any doubt, just remember to provide your Airpoints number.

To find out more about earning Airpoints Dollars at MoleMap, visit the MoleMap website. Alternatively, to learn more about our Airpoints partners, visit the Airpoints partner map.