Introducing our new Domestic booking options

From 24 June 2014 you will find more booking options available for your domestic travel.
24 June 2014

Air New Zealand is launching its new domestic seats, so every time you make a booking for domestic travel from 21 July, you'll have four options to choose from.
That means it doesn't matter if you book two months, or two days ahead, there will always be options to suit your needs. Choose from seat, seat+bag, flexitime or flexidate every time you book.

Our new flexitime seat is ideal for those times when things finish up early, or you think you're going to run late. flexitime offers you the ability to change your flight time on the day of travel at no cost if changed online through the Air New Zealand mobile app or
flexitime is available on routes which operate more than one service a day, every day of the week.

Or if you think you might need to change the day you travel, flexidate is the one to book. flexidate is our most flexible fare and is fully refundable. It lets you change your flight day, time, destination or origin through the Air New Zealand Mobile App or without incurring a fee for changes made prior to travel, though a fare difference may apply.

Find out more about domestic seat options.

Airpoints Dollar and Status Point earning

We've introduced earning rates for these new booking options, ensuring they align in the same way as the earn values we originally set back in March.

Using Auckland-Wellington as an example:

Previously, if you purchased a Seat only fare in ‘X' class between Auckland and Wellington it costs $69 and you earn 1 Airpoints Dollar and 8 Status Points. With the changes, you now have the option to add flexibility to this fare from just $30.
For domestic bookings from 24 June for travel from 21 July, the full range in this X fare class is:

  • $69 seat fare earning 2 Airpoints Dollars and 8 Status Points
  • $79 seat+bag earning 2 Airpoints Dollars and 8 Status Points
  • $99 flexitime fare earning 3 Airpoints Dollars and 9 Status Points
  • $119 flexidate fare earning 3 Airpoints Dollars and 10 Status Points

Previously, if you were travelling last minute between Auckland and Wellington on a $399 flexidate ‘Y' fare class at $399, you earned 16 Airpoints Dollars and 31 Status Points.

For domestic bookings from 24 June for travel from 21 July, the price of this fully flexible fare option hasn't changed however you have cheaper alternatives available. The full range in this Y fare class will be:

  • $399 flexidate fare earning 17 Airpoints Dollars and 34 Status Points
  • $379 flexitime fare earning 16 Airpoints Dollars and 33 Status Points
  • $369 seat+bag fare earning 15 Airpoints Dollars and 28 Status Points
  • $359 seat fare earning 14 Airpoints Dollars and 28 Status Points

These earning rates apply from 24 June, for any new bookings made for domestic travel from 21 July onwards.

The old earning rates will continue to apply to all pre-existing bookings and to new bookings made for travel before 21 July. The Airpoints look-up table here show both the old and new accrual rates.