Snap Fitness

Boost your fitness and your Airpoints Dollars™ balance at the same time.

Snap Fitness operates gyms throughout New Zealand and more than 2,000 internationally in 12 countries. When you join one club, you'll get access to every club, making it the ideal fitness solution for any jet setter. Snap Fitness offers a simple month-to-month membership structure for its members, along with the latest fitness equipment and group classes.

Earning Airpoints Dollars with Snap Fitness

While getting fit is a reward in itself, Airpoints Dollars™ are a welcome bonus. Airpoints™ members will have the chance to win Airpoints Dollars at Snap Fitness by participating in events, like their eight week challenges.

Visit the Snap Fitness website or talk to the team at your local club to find out when the next event will be taking place. Alternatively, find your nearest club with our Airpoints partner map.