Article 5: Reservations

5.1 Reservation requirements

5.1.1 Reservations are not confirmed until recorded as confirmed by us or an Authorised Agent.
5.1.2 Certain fares have conditions which limit or exclude your right to change or cancel reservations.
5.1.3 Any person booking our flights for other people shall be deemed to have accepted these Conditions on behalf of all Passengers named in a booking and it is the responsibility of the person making the booking to bring these Conditions to the Passenger(s)' attention and to notify the other Passengers named in the booking that their personal information will be collected, stored and used in the ways described in these Conditions and Air New Zealand's privacy policy.

5.2 Ticketing time limit

If you have not paid for the Ticket prior to the specified ticketing deadline, as advised by us or our Authorised Agent, we may cancel your reservations.

5.3 Personal information

We collect personal information about you (including health information where necessary) for the purposes of making reservations, purchasing and issuing a Ticket and all other ancillary documents relating to your carriage, obtaining ancillary services, facilitating your participation in loyalty programmes, developing and providing services (including new services), conducting marketing activities and research, handling customer relations issues, facilitating immigration and entry procedures, facilitating security checks, and making available such personal information to government agencies or emergency services, in connection with your travel. For these purposes, you authorise us to retain such information and to transmit, share or make it available to our own offices and related companies, Authorised Agents, your booking representatives or agents, other Passengers named in your booking, government agencies, other Carriers and travel service providers or the providers of the above-mentioned services. The Privacy Act 1993 (New Zealand) may be applicable to the personal information you have given us. In processing your personal information we may disclose it to countries which may not afford the same level of protection provided under the Privacy Act 1993 (New Zealand). Under that Act you have the right to inspect such information and request to have it corrected, if necessary. If you would like to know what personal information we are holding about you and/or request correction of the personal information that we hold about you, please contact your local office or write to Customer Support, Air New Zealand Limited, Private Bag 92007, Auckland 1142, New Zealand. Air New Zealand's full privacy policy is available at

5.4 Seating

We will endeavour to honour seating requests, however, we cannot guarantee provision of any particular seat, even if your reservation is confirmed. We reserve the right to assign or reassign seats at any time as we deem necessary and we will not be liable to you as a result except to the extent of any refund permitted under the paid Seat Select terms and conditions.

5.5 Special meals

We will try to ensure that if you have requested a dietary or religious special meal on an international flight when you make your reservation, it is available (that is, if the service of special meals is an option on your selected flight). We will not, however, be liable to you for loss, expense, breach of contract or other damage should we, for any reason, be unable to supply such requested special meal.

5.6 Service charge if reservation not used

Except in the case of travel on non-refundable fares, you may be required to pay a reasonable service charge if you fail to use your reservation.

5.7 Reconfirmation of reservations

Onward or return reservations may be required to be reconfirmed within time limits specified by us or other Carriers. We will advise you when we require reconfirmation; however, you should check the requirements of any other Carriers involved in your journey.

5.8 Cancellation of onward reservations

If you do not use a reservation or fail to comply with any such reconfirmation requirement, your onward or return reservations may be cancelled.

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