Book Economy Skycouch™

Upgrade to our innovative Skycouch and give yourself a bit of extra room in Economy.

Add a Skycouch

If you've already booked a long haul Economy ticket, you can choose to upgrade to our Economy Skycouch. Get started by retrieving your booking.

If you haven't book your flight just yet, you can add Economy Skycouch to an Economy fare when booking online. You'll see 'Skycouch on board' beneath the price if the option is avaliable. You'll find cost and details when you select your seats.

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How much does a Skycouch cost?

Like all our fares, the pricing for Skycouch varies depending on the demand of any given flight. For example, for a couple going to North America, a Skycouch can start from $649* per group for each flight.

* The price of the Skycouch is by how many people occupy the Skycouch. If one person occupies the Skycouch, they will pay a higher fee than if it were occupied by two people.
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