Air New Zealand Carepoints™

Make a difference, your Airpoints Dollars™ could help provide for Kiwis in need.

Challenging times remind us all how important it is to care about our neighbours and our whānau. Recent challenges have shown us that working together as a community brings out our best.

Right now, some Kiwis are really struggling. So when our Airpoints™ members told us they wanted to donate their Airpoints Dollars™ to people in need, we loved the idea and wanted to help.

Introducing Carepoints™

Air New Zealand Carepoints lets you gift your Airpoints Dollars to support New Zealand charities.

We looked to partner with organisations that are already making a real difference in Kiwis lives. So we’ve partnered with three charities. Women’s Refuge, New Zealand Red Cross and KidsCan.

You’ll be giving them the essential resources they need to help New Zealanders, like food, personal care, petrol and heating. Your chosen charity receives 100% of every Airpoints Dollar you donate, so your gift will help more Kiwis get back on their feet.  Donations close 19 June 2020, unless target donation limits are reached earlier.

How to donate to Carepoints at the Airpoints™ Store

Visit the Airpoints Store Carepoints page.

Select your chosen charity and donate Airpoints Dollars.

Your chosen charity will use donated Airpoints Dollars to purchase Airpoints partner Gift Cards to help Kiwis in need.

Our Carepoints charity partners

Women's Refuge

Women's Refuge

Thank you Airpoints members. Due to an overwhelming response, Women's Refuge has reached their target. You can still donate to
New Zealand Red Cross

New Zealand Red Cross

Providing disaster resilience, relief, recovery and humanitarian support for Kiwis in need. They need Gift Cards for food, fuel and DIY products to supplement Red Cross Parcels to provide care and comfort for vulnerable members of our community.


Giving kids better education opportunities by helping with the essentials. They need Gift Cards to provide food and to help distribute their programmes to kids in need around the country.

Our Airpoints partners

Thanks to these Airpoints partners for being involved. The Airpoints Dollars you donate will be used to purchase Gift Cards from these partners. Your chosen charity will receive 100% of your donation.

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