Here are the FAQs regarding COVID-19 and upcoming travel. The most up to date travel restrictions can be found on the Air New Zealand Travel alerts page.

Last updated 7 April 2020 at 10:00AM NZT

Social distancing

What are you doing to support social distancing on your aircraft?

How will I know if I'm sitting next to someone who has travelled on an International flight?

Why has my seat request been changed?

New Zealand domestic flight services

You committed to operating to all New Zealand airports as part of the government loan of $900M. Why are you reducing the network even further?

Will Air New Zealand operate to the regions again in the future?

Why are there no regional services while in Alert Level 4?

How do I get to where I need to go if there are no flights?

Are these a permanent change to the schedule?

What does the new schedule look like?

Will all flights be available to book?

How can I book on the new services?

What will happen to my existing flight?

How can I travel from a regional airport if I'm an essential services worker?

What sort of aircraft will be operating on the reduced schedule?

Will Air New Zealand continue to provide social distancing on these flights?

International flight services

Which International services will you continue to operate?

Can passengers transit through New Zealand to a third country?

Can a passenger connect to a New Zealand domestic flight on arrival?

Can a passenger connect from a New Zealand domestic flight when departing New Zealand?

I have travel booked within New Zealand and don't want to travel, can I get a refund?

What if I want to travel but postpone to a later date?

What is the process for requesting a credit for my flight?

I'm a visitor to New Zealand. Do I need to return home?

I need to get to my home country and you've suspended your services there, how can you help me?

I requested a credit online but I didn't receive a confirmation email. How do I know you received it?

Can I use my credit online?

My flight has been cancelled but I haven't heard anything, what's happening?

Can my children still travel as unaccompanied minors?

My children were booked to travel as unaccompanied minors, what will happen with their tickets?

My children need to travel to a different parent/caregiver in the school holidays, how can I get them there?

Other travel information

Important information for non-New Zealand passport holders seeking to transit Australia to return to their home country.

Can I go to the airport without a ticket?

My travel has been held in credit can I go straight to the airport and travel out?

How long can I stay in Auckland before my International flight?

I'm a New Zealand passport holder and need to travel overseas. Can I connect from a New Zealand domestic flight to an International flight?

Can I travel on more than one flight via another domestic Airport to connect to my International flight?

Why haven't I been able to connect to my International flight before now?

I have credit can I use it for a new domestic flight?

I hold a ticket from a New Zealand domestic airport you're no longer flying from, can I still use it?

What else do I need to know before travel?