New Zealand Domestic Travel

Here are the updates for travel in New Zealand
Last updated 24 July 2020 at 1.29pm NZT

NZ domestic flight updates

Under Alert Level 1 we are operating a reduced schedule. Our days of operation and timings will continue to be evaluated as demand for routes changes.

If you are wanting to search for available flights, please visit our Flights Schedule page.

Have questions about flying in New Zealand? Check out our latest FAQs section.

New Zealand flight services

What are you doing to continue to support social distancing and hygiene practices?

Will I be able to check in online or via the Air New Zealand App?

What steps are you taking to enable contact tracing?

What do I need to do to keep myself safe when I'm travelling?

Will I need to wear a mask in airports or on board your aircraft?

What else do I need to know before travel?

How will I know if I'm sitting next to someone who has travelled on an International flight?

Why has my seat request been changed?

I have travel booked within New Zealand and don't want to travel, can I get a refund?

Other NZ travel information

Can my children travel as unaccompanied minors?

Can I travel with my pet within New Zealand?

Will all your Lounges be open?

What can I expect in the Lounges?

Will Valet parking be available?

Can I still use the Fast Bag services on regional flights?

Will you be serving drinks and snacks on your domestic flights?

Will I still be able to enjoy Koru Hour when I travel?

Can passengers transit New Zealand or Australia to get home?