Find the perfect Bali health retreat

From yoga ashrams and luxury spa resorts to surf camps and spiritual retreats, Bali has everything you need to heal and cleanse mind, body and spirit.

What's your reason for investigating the wellness scene in Bali? Is work stress wearing you down or do you simply want to take your health and fitness to the next level? Bali's rejuvenation scene might be just the fix you need.

Set amidst tranquil beaches, rice fields or rainforests, gorgeous retreats invite you to detox, relax, be looked after and heal yourself. From week-long fasting and cleansing rituals through to blissful 24/7 pampering, there are options to suit every idea of bliss. While yoga and ayurvedic treatments are the mainstay of Bali wellness, there are also surfing camps and mountain biking experiences for those who want a transformative fitness experience.

Find bliss at a yoga retreat

Ubud is the heart of the yoga and spiritual retreat scene in Bali. There are plenty of options for a detox, introductory or intensive yoga course. Some retreats also have a strong emphasis on Indonesian vegan and raw food, which tastes amazing. If you're keen to get your yoga on, here are a few possibilities:

  • A four-day sound healing yoga and meditation retreat at Blue Karma Nestling Escape. The hatha yoga and pranayama breath therapy will elevate you to an ethereal level
  • The Yoga Bliss Retreat not only has yoga and surf lessons, but you'll be able to spend time in the warm, relaxing waters of the Indian Ocean
  • For another angle, a couple's tantra meditation and yoga retreat at Desa Seni delivers teachings around the sacred transmission from heart to heart. It's designed to heal, restore and transform your relationship

Be pampered at a luxury spa resort

Bali is all about relaxing. Life in the real world can be tough and there are few opportunities to truly let our bodies and minds recover. At a Bali spa retreat, you can lie back and have the stress massaged out of you - daily, if that's what it takes!

The ultimate treat is somewhere like the Ayana Resort. Set on a limestone cliff, this thalassotherapy centre has aqua-tonic seawater pools with therapeutic jet streams and geysers. Their 90-minute lava stone reflexology massage incorporates techniques from all over the world for a holistic body treatment that will make you feel brand new.

Another legendary spa is Karma Kendara, located near Uluwatu Temple. Here the focus is on wellness cuisine, yoga, nurturing massages and spa rituals for couples. They also have an infrared detox sauna with 180° views of the ocean. You can stay here in a luxury villa or visit for a rejuvenating day of five-star pampering.

Transform your health and wellness

Thousands of people travel to Bali every year to heal and detox. You only have to put 'best Bali wellness retreat' into Google to see pages of places that offer to transform your health, looks and mind. Here are just a few of the most interesting options:

  • Bali Spirit lets you choose from a food fast, abstinence from speech, isolation from people or juice detoxes
  • The Yoga Barn in Ubud is dedicated to healing and renewal. The dorms are calm and quiet, a perfect space to recover and meditate on your yin yoga healing or ecstatic dance session. They also offer three-day juice cleanses and a seven-day fast retreat designed to exhilarate your mind, body and spirit
  • Oneworld Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre offers therapeutic massages, deep detoxification, Ayurvedic medicines and personalised diets for transformational experiences
  • Como in Ubud offers training with a resident fitness instructor, followed by indulgent therapies where you won't have to move a muscle
  • Revivo specialises in weight loss and body transformation using medical science and holistic therapies side by side
  • Bagus Jati in Tegalalang has a focus on meditation and spiritual journeys that include cultural and nature activities

Find a fitness retreat or climb a volcano

If you've ever wanted to learn to surf, Bali has a collection of surf camps that let you live-in while you embrace the ways of the waves. Surfing is an all-year-round activity and there are beach and reef breaks for every level of skill. Stay at a surf retreat long enough and you could progress from standing up for the first time to catching your first unbroken wave.

If you prefer your feet firmly on pedals, Bali is a sensational place for mountain biking and trail riding. From multi-day adventures that take you off-road right across the island to day trips around the rice paddies, bike excursions let you see Bali's beautiful outdoors while you work on your fitness. Unique options include the Batur volcano loop or a multi-day trip around Bali's ring of fire.

Bali also has plenty of hiking trails leading to magical places and magnificent views. A legendary hike is Mt Batur, best timed to catch the sunrise. This journey often includes a dip in a natural hot spring. Mt Agung, the highest point on Bali, also offers sunrise trekking. This volcano erupted not so long ago, so it's smart to take a guide; you'll also need to be pretty fit, because the climb takes you to 2,900 metres above sea level. Other satisfying treks on Bali include the Tegalalang rice fields, Sekumpl Waterfall, Sambangan Secret Garden Waterfall and Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud.

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