Discover the neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina's largest city, is alive with distinctive old barrios (neighbourhoods).

Explore the eclectic tombstones of Recoleta Cemetery, check out street art in Barracas, stroll through the colourful avenues of La Boca, enjoy all things beef at a parrilla (steakhouse) and finish your day by tangoing the night away in a local café.

Local artist Marino Santa María has transformed the street of Pasaje Lanín with colourful tile mosaics.

Recoleta Cemetery

Spend a morning wandering through the art deco mausoleums within the Recoleta Cemetery. It opens at 7:00am, so start early to soak up the quiet atmosphere while taking in the impressive history of the site. The cemetery is resting place to Buenos Aires' past elite - presidents, actors, writers and the First Lady of Argentina, and subject of popular musical Evita, Eva Perón - are all buried here. Take a free tour and marvel at the breathtaking and diverse architecture.


In a city packed full of visual delights, your eyes will never stop roaming. For something a little off the beaten track, head to the neighbourhood of Barracas to see some awesome street art. Local artist Marino Santa María has transformed the street of Pasaje Lanín with colourful tile mosaics. Barracas is also the place to check out the largest mural in the world.

La Boca

A brightly-coloured barrio with a distinctive European feel, La Boca demands you fill your phone with images. Walk through the famous Caminito, a colourfully restored cobblestone strip that's packed with artists and tango dancers. If you love football, be sure to visit La Bombonera stadium, home of football team Boca Juniors.

San Telmo

If you like a good steak, San Telmo has some of the best parrillas in town. It's a good idea to starve for a few hours before you eat, so that you have room for a feast. Begin with empanadas, little meat-filled pies that are baked or fried. Then move to charcoal grill appetisers, like pork sausage, kidneys and veal tripe. Follow with sirloin steak, short ribs or pork neck steak. If there's any room left, try a dessert tasting plate. Estoy lleno (I'm full)!

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