Hong Kong comes alive by night

You haven't seen Hong Kong until you've explored it after dark.

As with Hong Kong's daytime vibe, the city's nightlife caters to every tempo. Look for rooftop restaurants, eccentrically themed bars and spectacular light shows. This famous far east city truly comes alive at night.

Vibrant sights

Hong Kong has an abundance of stunning daytime views, but after sundown – when the light switches flick on - things really get interesting. Cruise across Victoria Harbour by night and be mesmerised by a spectrum of colour, with rippled reflections of Hong Kong's grandest structures stretching out across the harbour.

At the centre of the city's spectacular nightlife is the Symphony of Lights, where an already impressive skyline of colour dances to the rhythm of the city. Performed every night at 8pm, the enchanting show transitions through themes of Awakening, Energy, Heritage, Partnership and, finally, Celebration. For the most memorable view, book a harbour boat cruise.

To get a fresh perspective on the city, be sure to take a ride on the eye-catching Hong Kong Observation Wheel. Towering 60m high, the wheel is open until 11pm. It's the perfect end to a romantic night out and a memorable after-dark experience for kids.

Watch Asia and Europe collide on your dinner plate and treat your senses to a unique fusion of flavours and textures.

City flavours

Equipped with more than 12,000 restaurants - 61 with Michelin Stars - and night markets packed solid with street food vendors, Hong Kong is a foodie's playground. Dare to try some of Asia's enticing delicacies or taste the finest in Western cuisine. Better still, watch the two cultures collide on your dinner plate and treat your senses to a unique fusion of flavours and textures.

Fine dining in Hong Kong lets you experience 'Chinese with a twist', which means century old recipes enriched with new-school cooking techniques and contemporary ingredients. Some of the best high-end restaurants are found in Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon side, and SoHo and Causeway Bay on the island. The big hotels are also known for their fine dining options.

If Michelin stars are too serious for your appetite, catch a ferry to Lamma Island. There's a whole bay of seafood restaurants to discover and the décor at most of them is authentically local (plastic chairs, fluorescent tube ambiance). Arrive hungry for squid, lobster, scallops, soft-shell crab, sweet and sour fish, prawns and other seafood you've never seen before.

Buzzing nights

Having a drink in Hong Kong is likely to be a full sensory experience. Whether you're at a rooftop bar with panoramic views or an eccentrically-themed club, the city's nightlife is certain to wow you.

At the top of the thriving rooftop bar scene is Sevva rooftop bar, where high-flyers wind down in loungers, gazing out at the buzzing business district and off to Victoria Harbour's shimmering waters. Try a signature cocktail here, inspired by the bright lights that shimmer before your eyes. For less business and more frivolity, visit Cé La Vi, another rooftop hotspot known for its humming party area, vertigo-inducing views and jacuzzi.

Dusk view of Rooftop bars at Sugar, Hong Kong.

The pub and club scene in Hong Kong is as colourful as the city itself. There are sports clubs and comedy clubs, shot bars and art bars, clubs for dancing, pubs for craft beer and posh piano bars. The scene is constantly changing, so check out a travel advice site for the newest Top 50.

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