Eat like a Texan in Houston

There's more to Texas eating than big, juicy steaks.

The diverse mix of cultures in the city is driving a thriving foodie revolution where Vietnamese, Korean, Tex-Mex and Southern barbecue styles come together to create drool-worthy offerings. These cuisines all work together perfectly, because they're focused on big flavours.

Wallow happily and messily in Houston’s barbecue food, making food memories that will last forever.

Chow down on bao

Bao, or bàhn mì, are amazing little steamed bun sandwiches that wrap the most delicious flavours into easy-to-hold parcels. You'll find these little mouth-waterers all over Houston, particularly Sharpstown and Upper Kirby.

Bàhn mì restaurants often cover off Tex-Mex and BBQ styles, as well as Asian cuisines. You could opt for something classical, like braised pork belly with pickled cucumbers and hoisin sauce, or experience a Deep South kind of bao, which might feature crispy fried chicken and chilli mayo. There are hundreds of options to consider in Houston’s creative bao world.

Be awed by authentic Tex Mex

You can't come to Texas and not eat Tex-Mex, it's just not happening. There are literally hundreds of Tex-Mex establishments in this city. Some are franchises, where you can count on consistency; others are old school, with menus based on fine-tuned family recipes that date back decades.

From the Mex side of the border come fajita plates. The sound of a sizzling griddle is the start of your mouthwatering adventure. From the Tex side of the border you'll find things like grilled beef skirt steak with house-made chilli sauce. And remember, everything's bigger in Texas, so you won't be leaving hungry.

Follow your nose to the best barbecue

Houston is an up-and-comer in the barbecue world. For a while you had to go to Central Texas to get a taste of the good stuff, but Houston’s barbecue chefs are taking things to a new level.

When you're ordering, it will be hard to get past the smokehouse brisket, ribs and pork belly, which spend all night in the smoker before they're served up to you. You'll wallow happily and messily in the melting soft stickiness, making food memories that will last forever. Barbecue restaurants are often open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you can get a fix at any time of the day.

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