Houston tips from Kiwis

  • Houston has great food and shopping and is the gateway to Miami & Mexico. Make sure to hit up the Outlet malls and try not to get lost in #galleriahouston it is huge! 
  • If you fly into Houston, take a short hop to Pensacola and visit the US Naval Aviation Museum. One of the best aviation museums in the USA - and its free. A must-see for aviation buffs! 
  • See the Water Wall in Houston... Stand in the middle and look up... It's like you falling in the middle of the waterfall! 
  • Experience college football in all its glory! Gig 'em! 
  • See the St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary near Houston! Book ahead! You can see heaps of wolves in retirement and even pat one if you are lucky! 
  • In downtown Houston there's a fun place called The Conservatory, a food collective. They have 4 different types of food including Texas BBQ and a craft beer outlet which has 50 beers on tap! 
  • Visit the Rice University Campus in Houston at sunset for a wicked light show, James Turrell's Twilight Epiphany Skyspace. Totally unique experience. 
  • Visit the NASA Space Center in Houston. So interesting for young and not so young! Exhibits, theatres, interactive games, souvenirs and more. Allow a few hours! 
  • Eat at Papa's BBQ for a real taste of southern cuisine. Simply delish! Best smokehouse falavojra with an awesome range of delights! 
  • Do the Level 9 VIP tour at the Johnson Space Center. It's a small tour group that goes truly "behind the scenes" at NASA. Make the most of your trip and book well in advance. 
  • Have a swim at Hamilton's Pool. It's a giant collapsed dome, about 25 miles from Austin. Be sure to book a reservation as they only let a few people in at a time. 
  • Try the pies at House of Pies. It is Pie heaven. 
  • For an unexpected taste of Indian architecture in Houston, you need to visit the Baps Shri Swaminarayan - a traditional Hindu temple made of Italian marble and Turkish limestone. 
  • Explore the underground labyrinth that is the Houston Cistern. It's an awe-inspiring space that used to house the city's water supply. It's also part of the Buffalo Bayou, Houston's most significant natural resource. 
  • Dine at Luling City Market, Houston, for authentic Texan BBQ. Their slow cooked meat is like nothing you've tasted before. The line is out the door everyday at lunchtime! 
  • Visit Houston's most arty park - Discovery Green. The 12-acre urban park is full of amazing ten-foot statues that become glowing beacons at night, live music stages, restaurants and art trails. 
  • If you're keen on street art you gotta be there for the HUE Mural Festival, held in Houston every October. Hosting artists from around the world, the festival lasts for 8 days and is free to the public. 
  • Go to Houston's Space Centre on a Friday and eat lunch with an astronaut. Head to their website to reserve the chance to enjoy a meal and amazing stories from a professional astronaut. 
  • See Rockport Texas and the Gulf of Mexico from a yacht! 
  • Visit the Water Wall in Houston. It circles around you and it's cool to stand near the water on a hot day and get cooled down. 
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