Top activities in Tokyo

In the city that's home to just shy of ten million people, the pace of exploring can be as slow or as busy as you want it to be.

One moment you're lost in the concrete jungle discovering the quirkiness that makes Tokyo Tokyo, the next you're uncovering the beauty of a capital city that's steeped in rich tradition.

Shopping in Tokyo

From the world's most luxurious brands to the likes of Japan's world-renowned high street chain, UNIQLO, Tokyo is a shopper's mecca. Those looking to splurge should head to recently opened Ginza Six. The 13-storey mall is home to well over 200 retailers, with a dedicated beauty floor, high-end food court and some of the most coveted designers in the world. Step outside the lavish Ginza Six shopping complex and roam the nearby streets to discover some of Tokyo's best high-street shopping. Popular international chain stores line the streets and stationery lovers can take home a bespoke, made-on-the-spot notebook from one of Ginza's stationery stores. For quirky souvenirs and some take-home Harajuku-inspired fashion - take a stroll up Takeshita Street in Harajuku. Street style enthusiasts should explore nearby Yoyogi Park and Harajuku Bridge on Sundays for the best chance of catching a glimpse of Tokyo's youth subcultures.

Quirky Tokyo

Tokyo is home to the peculiar and it's not unusual to find yourself doing a double take as you explore the city. The company of all kinds of creatures can be enjoyed inside Tokyo's popular animal cafes. Find feline friends inside a cat cafe, slither up next to a serpent at Tokyo Snake Centre or perch among the owls in a bird cafe. If getting up close and personal to one of Tokyo's fluffy critters isn't quite your cup of tea, ninjas, vampires and robots might be more to your liking. You'll find a wacky array of themed restaurants scattered throughout the city. Giant robots, lasers and dancers come to life at Shinjuku's Robot Cafe while kawaii-dressed waitstaff serve up rainbow-coloured edible treats at family friendly Kawaii Monster cafe.

Down tempo exploring

For a city that can be quite an assault on the senses, lush, serene spots that feel like they're a world away are easy to come by. Tokyo is home to many immaculately landscaped public gardens that often transform with pops of pale pink during cherry blossom season. Just ten or so minutes from the famous Tsukiji Fish markets, perched on the edge of Sumida River and surrounded by a moat are the former imperial gardens, Hamarikyu. A traditional tea ritual is an experience that shouldn't be missed, and while tea houses can be found throughout the city, Hamarikyu Garden's tea house offers a low-key experience at the fraction of the cost. Tokyo's numerous skyscrapers offer breathtaking vantage points to watch the sunset, but Odaiba Seaside Park - a small man-made island in Tokyo Bay - is the best spot to unwind at the end of the day as the Rainbow Bridge becomes illuminated for the evening.

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