Employee networks

A key objective within our strategy is to create a sense of community and belonging and a vehicle to celebrate and share different cultures and agitate for change.

Our employee networks are a key enabler to helping us deliver against our diversity and inclusion objectives.

Find out more about our employee networks:

The Kiwi Asia network (KASIA)

The KASIA network is designed to bring together Air New Zealand employees who are connected and interested in Asia and to support the interaction through culture and across the business. The network will strive to leverage in-house knowledge and cultural intelligence and contribute to the success of our people and company in Asia markets as well as in New Zealand. Employees don't have to be of Asian descent to join the network - we welcome all Air New Zealanders who are interested and want to be connected!

The Manu network

The Manu network has been established by Māori and Pacific Island employees to showcase and celebrate Polynesian language and cultures within Air New Zealand; provide a forum for Māori and Pacific Islanders to learn, be inspired and grow; encourage networking; and to support our aspiration to become a more inclusive, diverse and culturally aware organisation. Employees don't have to be of Māori or Pacific Island descent to join the network - we also welcome supporters and those who would like to learn.

'Manu' means bird in many Polynesian languages. Traditionally, birds were important in Polynesian culture - regarded as chiefly, they provided feathers which adorned headwear and cloaks, and were also used by navigators to discover Aotearoa.


Air New Zealand has a Pride Network for LGBTQI employees and is a long-term supporter of the Auckland Pride Parade, an annual event that celebrates New Zealand's LGBTQI Community.

This group is designed to support employees of all sexual orientations so we can be proud of offering an inclusive workplace at Air New Zealand. As well as being open to members of the Pride community, the network also welcomes Pride supporters and allies.

The Returned and Services network

The Returned and Services employee network has been established to bring together Air NZ employees that are returned and/or ex-service people. Our vision is to create a thriving and inclusive network that connects and develops the careers of Air NZ employees that are returned and ex-service people.

To achieve the vision, the network will connect and support the interaction of ex-defence service-people promoting camaraderie and a sense of community, support the integration of returned and ex-service-people to help them thrive in corporate life, create and leverage positive Defence Force and Air NZ brand affiliation where appropriate as well as culminating in a main event on ANZAC Day and attract and recruit returned and ex-service talent - becoming an employer of choice.

The Women's network

We're committed to having 50 per cent female representation in our Senior Leadership Team by 2020. To help achieve this target, Air New Zealand has set up a Women's Network in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, organising events, coaching and mentoring for women throughout the business.

The Air New Zealand Women's Network is designed to connect, grow and inspire women across our company. All women are automatically added to this network when they join the company

The Young Professionals' network (YOPRO)

Our Young Professionals' network is designed to support the capability of Air New Zealanders from right across the business who are in the earlier stages of their career and are engaged and motivated to pursue development opportunities. We want to supercharge the careers of young Air New Zealanders, by:

  • Providing learning and education opportunities to build their expertise and capability
  • Enhancing their professional and personal networks through connecting and collaborating
  • Supporting their career navigation through informed and inspired guidance

The Enable network

Within Air New Zealand there is a high chance that a colleague, friend or the person you sit next to has had to deal with the impact of disability in some form or another whether it be their own or someone dear to them.  The Enable network has been established to deliver a support network for all Air New Zealanders who are faced with disability, whether it be their own or someone close to them.

Enable encompasses the ideals of support for all employees faced with a personal disability or caring for someone with a disability
Enable means supporting the company to embrace all people equally and make the workplace inclusive for all
We will Enable acceptance of all people and recognise abilities before disabilities
Enable supports managers and team members to recruit and be inclusive of people with disabilities
Enable means embracing disability, eliminating obstacles and removing bias in our working environment