A core priority is accelerating the advancement of women into our Senior Leadership Team (SLT). In the past two years representation of women on the SLT has risen to over 40%. This has led us to increase our target from 40 to 50% by 2020.


To address the under-representation of women in male-dominated professions, we launched Women Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Pilots (WINGS) network, Women in Engineering and Maintenance and Women in Digital groups. These groups reach out to young women and girls in the community to promote careers in these sectors. We work closely with Global Women and its Champions for Change initiative, sharing our annual data on ethnicity and gender. We also partner with Professionelle which provides learning, networking and growth opportunities for women.

Gender Pay Gap report

Air New Zealand annually publishes its Gender Pay Gap report. Currently, males are paid 0.41% more than females, driven primarily by differences in tenure, experience and performance. We are focused on ensuring equitable representation and critically examining policies to ensure they promote equitability. Changes to our recruitment process include not asking candidates about their current salary to minimise the risk of inheriting a gender pay gap from other organisations. A new guide for recruiters and managers provides tools to create a fair and inclusive recruitment process, including encouraging gender balanced interview panels. We are committed to creating a culture where diversity of thought is celebrated. To do so, we need to know the ethnicity our people identify as. To date, over 50% of our employees have provided ethnicity data and our target is to increase this to 70%.