Elite Banked Year Gifting

If you're an Elite and you've held Airpoints Elite or Gold Tier Status continuously for at least the last fifteen years, you can gift one of your Elite Banked Years to give someone Elite Tier Status for 12 months. Your Elite Banked Year will make them a full Airpoints Elite.

Elite Banked Year Gifting has been delayed due to the impacts of COVID-19. 

Elite Banked Year Gifting is one of our Tenure Benefits. It is an exclusive benefit for Airpoints Elite members who have held Gold or Elite status for at least the last 15 consecutive years.

What is Elite Banked Year Gifting?

If you have Elite Banked Years, you can now use them to share the benefits of Airpoints Elite status.

For your recipient, it's a fast track to the top. They become an Airpoints Elite member, with all the benefits.

You can only use Elite Banked Year Gifting if you've held Elite or Gold status for at least the last 15 years continuously and are currently an Elite member with at least one Elite Banked Year.

Am I eligible to gift an Elite Banked Year?

You can use Elite Banked Year Gifting if you:

  • Have spent at least the last 15 continuous years as an Elite or Gold member
  • Are a current Elite member
  • Have at least one Elite Banked Year

For each year you continue to hold Elite membership you will be able to gift a maximum of one Elite Banked Year. 

Who can you gift an Elite Banked Year to?

You can gift your Elite Banked Year to anyone, as long as they're an Airpoints member and on your gifting register.

  • You could give your son or daughter Elite status before they head off for their OE
  • You could help a friend or family member keep their Elite status
  • You could even use it to reward key employees or customers

What do they get?

Your Recipient becomes a full Elite Airpoints member, with all the benefits you enjoy. 

  • Lounge access
  • The ability to choose an Elite Partner
  • Recognition Upgrades
  • Extra baggage allowances
  • Priority boarding and baggage
  • Access to Frequent Flyer seating

If the Recipient is already an Airpoints Elite member, your gifted Elite Banked Year will be added to their Elite Banked Years balance.

What happens after the first year?

Your Recipient will be an Airpoints Elite member for one year thanks to your gift.

During that year, they will need to earn enough Status Points to stay at Elite.

If they don't earn enough Status Points to retain, our downgrade process will take place as normal and they will move down to Airpoints Gold.

How do I gift my Elite Banked Year?

Gifted Elite Banked Year has been delayed due to the impacts of COVID-19. We will update our Elite Members when we have more to share on Elite Banked Year Gifting.

Elite Banked Year Gifting and Airpoints Terms and Conditions apply.