Medieval Song and Dance


Medieval Song and Dance New Zealand Choice

Auckland ensemble Digorie evoke the world of medieval music on this fine 1980 LP, featuring lute, gothic harp, crumhorn, recorder, and rebec, among other instruments.

Rating: PG

Genre: New Zealand Choice

  1. L'Homme Arme Robert Morton - Digorie
  2. E Dame Jolie Anon - Digorie
  3. Trotto - Digorie
  4. Estampie Anon - Digorie
  5. Quant Je Suis Mis Guiliaume Machaut - Digorie
  6. Chaconeta Tedesca Anon - Digorie
  7. Saltarello Anon - Digorie
  8. Robins M'aime - Digorie
  9. L'Entrant d'Este Blondel de Nesles - Digorie
  10. Ductia Anon - Digorie
  11. Domino Anon - Digorie

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