Artist Playlist: Neil & Liam Finn - A Playlist To Fall Asleep To

Various Artists

Artist Playlist: Neil & Liam Finn - A Playlist To Fall Asleep To

Suspend all thoughts of past or future. You are free of responsibility while you are floating in the sky. We as Finns hope you might drift off to this selection of tunes that we hold dear. They all come from a drowsy place, and might open some doors for some enchanting dreams. We’ll meet you in the air.

Rating: PG

Genre: Radio shows

  1. Tezeta (Nostalgia) - Various Artists
  2. On The Low - Various Artists
  3. Albatros - Various Artists
  4. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - Various Artists
  5. Gnosienne No. 3 - Various Artists
  6. Moon River - Various Artists
  7. Love Her - Various Artists
  8. When First I Love - Various Artists
  9. Cucurrucucu Palomo - Various Artists
  10. Sleepy Time Down South - Various Artists
  11. Unforgettable - Various Artists
  12. Worth The Wait - Various Artists
  13. Las Culpas - Various Artists
  14. Between The Bars - Various Artists
  15. To Serenity (La Donna Invisable) - Various Artists
  16. Freedom of 76 - Various Artists
  17. Arabia - Various Artists

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