Business Is Boring

The Spinoff

Business Is Boring

Simon Pound talks to some of New Zealand's most exciting innovators in an effort to prove that business isn't boring.

Rating: PG

Genre: Radio shows

  1. The Social Enterprise Helping Create More Social Enterprises - The Spinoff
  2. Fewer Than 5% Of Tradies Are Women - Here's Where To Find Them - The Spinoff
  3. Fix & Fogg Is Taking NZ Nut Butter To The World - The Spinoff
  4. The NZ Non-Profit Helping Prisoners Learn To Code - The Spinoff
  5. Emma Lewisham from Emma Lewisham skincare - The Spinoff
  6. Dr Gaetano Dedual and Jacob Kohn from Futurity - The Spinoff
  7. Rachel Taulelei from Kono - The Spinoff
  8. Emily Miller-Sharma from Ruby - The Spinoff
  9. Asantha Wijeyeratne from PaySauce - The Spinoff
  10. Brianne West - The Spinoff
  11. Glen Herud - The Spinoff
  12. Hamish Pinkman - The Spinoff
  13. I Love Ugly - The Spinoff
  14. Kiri Nathan - The Spinoff
  15. Nisa - Business is Boring
  16. Outland Denim - Business is Boring
  17. Shama Lee - Business is Boring
  18. Snowberry - Business is Boring
  19. Tim Brown - Business is Boring

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