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Take a journey through New Zealand’s and Polynesia’s rich musical past. From Māori waiata to pop nuggets, ukulele groups to brass bands,.

Rating: PG

Genre: Radio shows

  1. Song of Welcome-Powhiri-Smoke Rings - Hokowhitu-Atu Concert Party
  2. Noqu I Tau Sai Iko Noqu Se Ni Caucau - My Flower - Vonosalele String Band
  3. Black Magic Woman - City of Porirua Municipal Band
  4. Rustle your Bustle - Maria Dallas
  5. Polynesian Love Song - George Tumahai
  6. Chanconeta tedesca - Digorie
  7. E aue - Hannah Tatana
  8. Effort, Money, and Time - Otis Mace
  9. Sa ou Savali - Strolling Along - Malu and the Samoan Planters
  10. Drinking (In Cellar Cool) - Oscar Natzka
  11. Carnival Cornets - Skellerup Woolston Band
  12. Lipoi Me Poha (Nuiingatoni Liu) - Siale Hae Vala Group
  13. Kelly - Phil Broadhurst Trio
  14. Hoki Mai - Howard Morrison Quartet
  15. Fijiana - Band of the Fiji Police
  16. Exordium - Martin Kealey
  17. Little Tui - Meg and the Fones
  18. Pō Atarau/Now is the Hour - NZ 28 (Māori) Battalion

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