Nanogirls' Great Science Adventure

RNZ: Nanogirls' Great Science Adventure

Nanogirls' Great Science Adventure

A science podcast for kids. Answering their burning questions and showing them the wonders of discovery. By RNZ & Nanogirl Labs Ltd. Made possible by the RNZ/NZ On Air Innovation Fund.

Rating: PG

Genre: Radio shows

  1. Why Do Bees Buzz - Radio New Zealand
  2. How Do Planes Fly - Radio New Zealand
  3. Why do stars twinkle? - Radio New Zealand
  4. What happens if Antarctica melts? - Radio New Zealand
  5. Can we bring dinosaurs back to life? - Radio New Zealand
  6. Is all bacteria bad? - Radio New Zealand
  7. Do all animals get goosebumps? - Radio New Zealand
  8. How does microplastic get into the sea? - Radio New Zealand
  9. How high can birds fly? - Radio New Zealand
  10. What is the slimiest creature in the world? - Radio New Zealand

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