Bree and Clint


Bree and Clint

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Rating: PG

Genre: Radio shows

  1. Booty-call at xmas dinner? - Bree and Clint
  2. What rich people steal from hotels - Bree and Clint
  3. Hangover cure and most popular gifts - Bree and Clint
  4. Clint's random thoughts and Home Alone stats - Bree and Clint
  5. What actor/actress ruins it? - Bree and Clint
  6. How did ‘HE’ handle the birth? - ZM: Bree and Clint
  7. Is a 'Push Present' a thing? - ZM: Bree and Clint
  8. Complicated ex’s partners ex story - ZM: Bree and Clint
  9. What’s your DIY beauty disaster? - ZM: Bree and Clint
  10. Do you have a ‘name type’? - ZM: Bree and Clint
  11. How much to cut your hair? - ZM: Bree and Clint
  12. Would you eat off a strangers plate? - ZM: Bree and Clint

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