Berlioz: Les Nuits D'Été

B. Balleys, M. Delunsch...

Berlioz: Les Nuits D'Été

Swiss mezzo soprano Brigitte Balleys' acclaimed interpretation of Berlioz's marvellous song cycle, accompanied by the Orchestre Des Champs Elysees under Philippe Herreweghe. Mireille Delunsch performs the composer's early cantata 'Herminie'.

Rating: PG

Genre: Classical

  1. Op. 7 - Villanelle - B. Balleys, M. Delunsch
  2. Op. 7 - Le Spectre De La Rose - B. Balleys, M. Delunsch
  3. Op. 7 - Sur Les Lagunes (Lamento) - B. Balleys, M. Delunsch
  4. Op. 7 - Absence - B. Balleys, M. Delunsch
  5. Op. 7 - Au Cimetière (Clair De Lune) - B. Balleys, M. Delunsch
  6. Op. 7 - L'Île Inconnue - B. Balleys, M. Delunsch
  7. Berlioz: Herminie - B. Balleys, M. Delunsch

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