Fragments Of A Rainy Season

John Cale

Fragments Of A Rainy Season

On of the most respected musicians of the last 40 years. Lots of 'integrity' and 'in the know'.

Rating: PG

Genre: Alternative

  1. On A Wedding Anniversary (Fragments) - John Cale
  2. Lie Still Sleep Becalmed (Fragments) - John Cale
  3. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (Fragments) - John Cale
  4. Cordoba (Fragments) - John Cale
  5. Buffalo Ballet (Fragments) - John Cale
  6. A Child’s Christmas In Wales (Fragments) - John Cale
  7. Darling I Need You (Fragments) - John Cale
  8. Guts (Fragments) - John Cale
  9. Ship Of Fools (Fragments) - John Cale
  10. Leaving It Up To You (Fragments) - John Cale
  11. The Ballad Of Cable Hogue (Fragments) - John Cale
  12. Chinese Envoy (Fragments) - John Cale
  13. Dying On The Vine (Fragments) - John Cale
  14. Fear (Is A Man's Best Friend) (Fragments) - John Cale
  15. Heartbreak Hotel (Fragments) - John Cale
  16. Style It Takes (Fragments) - John Cale
  17. Paris 1919 (Fragments) - John Cale
  18. (I Keep A) Close Watch (Fragments) - John Cale
  19. Thoughtless Kind (Fragments) - John Cale
  20. Hallelujah (Fragments) - John Cale
  21. Fear (Is A Man’s Best Friend) (Outtake) - John Cale
  22. Amsterdam (Outtake) - John Cale
  23. Broken Hearts (Outtake) - John Cale
  24. I’m Waiting For The Man (Outtake) - John Cale
  25. Heartbreak Hotel (Outtake [Strings]) - John Cale
  26. Fear (Is A Man’s Best Friend) (Outtake [Strings]) - John Cale
  27. Paris 1919 (Outtake [Strings]) - John Cale
  28. Antarctica Starts Here (Outtake [Strings]) - John Cale

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