Alicia Keys


The latest album from the award-wining Alicia Keys which has already made it to the number one spot on the Billboard chart Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums list. 'HERE' is a soulful exploration Alicia Keys' passion for New York City.

Rating: R

Genre: R&B/Soul

  1. The Beginning (Interlude) - Alicia Keys
  2. The Gospel - Alicia Keys
  3. Pawn It All - Alicia Keys
  4. Elaine Brown (Interlude) - Alicia Keys
  5. Kill Your Mama - Alicia Keys
  6. She Don't Really Care_1 Luv - Alicia Keys
  7. Elevate (Interlude) - Alicia Keys
  8. Illusion Of Bliss - Alicia Keys
  9. Blended Family (What You Do For Love) - Alicia Keys
  10. Work On It - Alicia Keys
  11. Cocoa Butter (Cross & Pic Interlude) - Alicia Keys
  12. Girl Can't Be Herself - Alicia Keys
  13. You Glow (Interlude) - Alicia Keys
  14. More Than We Know - Alicia Keys
  15. Where Do We Begin Now - Alicia Keys
  16. Holy War - Alicia Keys
  17. Hallelujah - Alicia Keys
  18. In Common - Alicia Keys

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