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Hit Canto

This issue of Hit Canto plays you the latest Canto Pop from artistes like: Ella Koon, Jason Chan, Lowell Lo and a special feature of Terrence Choi, Alvin Kwok and Canti Lau.

Rating: PG

Genre: Radio shows

  1. Lu Ren Yi - Jason Chan
  2. Innocence - Alfred Hui
  3. Light Pain - Feanna Wong
  4. Ren Sheng Huang Ye Zhui Yi Fan Qie - Edmond Tong
  5. Cha Ji - Gin Lee
  6. Fu Qin - Alan Tam
  7. You Ling Kai Shi - Kenny Bee
  8. Tu Po - Lowell Lo
  9. The Wind Blows On - Leslie Cheung
  10. Wei Nin Zhong Qing - Leslie Cheung
  11. Hua Sa Xia De Ge - Phil Lam
  12. Chung Yeung - Tang Siu Hau
  13. Xiao Rong Mi Lu Le (Cantonese Version) - Cath Wong
  14. Tearful Monster - Remus Choy
  15. Wish We Never Met (Acoustic Version) - Dear Jane
  16. Future - Another Kitchen
  17. La Ji - Candy Lo
  18. Hao Xin Fen Shou - Candy Lo
  19. Curiosity - Kaho Hung
  20. Old Boy - Nowhere Boys
  21. The Power of Now - Endy Chow
  22. No Return - Jamie Zhang
  23. Hua Jian Xiao Lu - Kelly Chen
  24. No Man Is An Island - Cherry Ngan
  25. Refined - Cary Ip
  26. Wei Lai Ji Nian Guan - Robynn & Kendy
  27. Love And Sadness - Wang Chieh
  28. Who Could Know A Drifter's Heart - Wang Chieh
  29. Cong Jin Yi Hou - William So

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