If it Were You, We'd Never Leave

Andrew Bayer

If it Were You, We'd Never Leave

Described as being "reminiscent of DJ Shadow's dreamier outings" (XLR8R), Bayer's poignant and personal sophomore release is an incredible album of sophisticated, reflective electronica.

Rating: PG

Genre: Dance

  1. Opening Act - Andrew Bayer
  2. Doomsday - Andrew Bayer
  3. It's Going to be Fine - Andrew Bayer
  4. Let's Hear That B Section Again! - Andrew Bayer
  5. Lose Sight (ft. Ane Brun) - Andrew Bayer
  6. You Are (ft. Deb Talan) - Andrew Bayer
  7. All This Will Happen Again - Andrew Bayer
  8. Echo (ft. Alison May) - Andrew Bayer
  9. A Brief Interlude - Andrew Bayer
  10. Gaff's Eulogy - Andrew Bayer
  11. Need Your Love - Andrew Bayer
  12. Farnsworth Court - Andrew Bayer
  13. Make No Sound (ft. Alison May) - Andrew Bayer
  14. Counting Down - Andrew Bayer
  15. Soul Cry - Andrew Bayer
  16. Closing Act - Andrew Bayer
  17. Dedicated to Boston's Waste Managem... - Andrew Bayer

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