Life On the Road

David Brent

Life On the Road

The debut album from Ricky Gervais' genius comedy creation serves as the soundtrack to David Brent's movie debut and features classics such as 'Free Love Freeway' alongside new tracks co-written with former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows.

Rating: PG

Genre: Alternative

  1. Ooh La La - David Brent
  2. Native American - David Brent
  3. Lonely Cowboy - David Brent
  4. Freelove Freeway - David Brent
  5. Life On the Road - David Brent
  6. Slough - David Brent
  7. Thank F**k It's Friday - David Brent
  8. Lady Gypsy - David Brent
  9. Please Don't Make Fun of the Disableds - David Brent
  10. Paris Nights - David Brent
  11. Don't Cry It's Christmas - David Brent
  12. Spaceman - David Brent
  13. Equality Street - David Brent
  14. Ain't No Trouble - David Brent
  15. Electricity - David Brent
  16. Electricity (Alternate Version) - David Brent
  17. Native American (Alternate Version) - David Brent
  18. Life On the Road (Alternate Version) - David Brent
  19. Slough (Alternate Version) - David Brent
  20. Cards We're Dealt - David Brent

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