Somewhere Beautiful

The Chills

Somewhere Beautiful New Zealand Choice

Captured at a New Year's Eve private party performance, this lengthy live recording is a great 20-song collection from the indie-pop legends' back catalogue.

Rating: PG

Genre: Alternative

  1. Night of Chill Blue - The Chills
  2. Wet Blanket - The Chills
  3. Lost in Space - The Chills
  4. Part Past Part Fiction - The Chills
  5. I Think I'd Thought I'd Nothing... - The Chills
  6. House with a Hundred Rooms - The Chills
  7. The Other - The Chills
  8. Walk on the Beach - The Chills
  9. Submarine Bells - The Chills
  10. True Romance - The Chills
  11. The Male Monster from the Id - The Chills
  12. Pink Frost - The Chills
  13. Soft Bomb Part One - The Chills
  14. February - The Chills
  15. Matthew and Son - The Chills
  16. Effloresce and Deliquesce - The Chills
  17. Canterbury Go! - The Chills
  18. Heavenly Pop Hit - The Chills
  19. I Love My Leather Jacket - The Chills
  20. Rolling Moon - The Chills

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