The Big Yin: Billy Connolly In Concert

Billy Connolly

The Big Yin: Billy Connolly In Concert

Scotland's most famous comedian, Billy Connolly enjoyed years upon years of stardom in the U.K. before briefly cracking the U.S. market, and subsequently settling into a career as an accomplished character actor

Rating: R

Genre: Comedy

  1. Glasgow Accents / Nine and a Half Guitars (Live) - Billy Connolly
  2. The Jobbie Weecha !!!! / Please Help Me, I'm Falling (Live) - Billy Connolly
  3. Glasgow Central (Live) - Billy Connolly
  4. The Music Teacher / Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle / Soldier's Joy / Marie's Wedding (Live) - Billy Connolly
  5. Oh, Dear (Live) - Billy Connolly
  6. The Crucifixion (Live) - Billy Connolly
  7. Why Don't They Come Back to Dunoon (Live) - Billy Connolly
  8. Nobody's Child (Live) - Billy Connolly
  9. Harry Campbell and the Heavies / The World Is Waiting for Sunshine (Live) - Billy Connolly
  10. Saltcoats At the Fair (Live) - Billy Connolly

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