The Rock's Mile High Club - Thane and Dunc

The Rock

The Rock's Mile High Club - Thane and Dunc

The Rock’s Mile High Club. The best Rock - with some highlights from our very own Thane & Dunc's Drive Home Show - Enjoy!

Rating: R

Genre: Radio shows

  1. Daniel Saved His Daughter From A Housefire - Thane and Dunc
  2. Wish You Were Here - Incubus
  3. Thane's Crazy Bakery Story - Thane and Dunc
  4. Meadow - Stone Temple Pilots
  5. Food Hygeine Ratings - Thane and Dunc
  6. Feet Don't Fail Me - Queens Of The Stone Age
  7. Paula's Dog Was Bitten By A Rattle Snake - Thane and Dunc
  8. Who Are You? - The Who
  9. Flat Earthers - Thane and Dunc
  10. Remedy - Seether
  11. Teach Me Tony - Thane and Dunc
  12. Are You Ready? - AC/DC
  13. Isabel Knoxx Has A Sugar Daddy - Thane and Dunc
  14. Bleed It Out - Linkin Park
  15. Thane Reads Subtitled Adult Material - Thane and Dunc
  16. Ana's Song - Silverchair
  17. Thane's House Cleansed Of Spirits - Thane and Dunc
  18. Out Of The Black - Royal Blood
  19. Dunc's Aunt Could Talk To Dead People - Thane and Dunc
  20. Arrows - Foo Fighters

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