Sit down and relax to enjoy the latest Mandarin hits on your in-flight entertainment with great artistes like Mayday, Z-Chen, Jocie Guo, Della Wu, Eric Chou and many more!

Rating: PG

Genre: Radio shows

  1. Happiness At Once - Eric Chou
  2. Wish You Happiness - Ronghao Li
  3. By My Side - Weibird Wei
  4. Dilemma - Fish Leong
  5. We Before Me - Maggie Chiang
  6. Is There Anything Missing - Michael Wong
  7. A Dancing Van Gogh - Stefanie Sun
  8. Sea Urchin - Eason Chan
  9. Go Big - Xu Yi Ming
  10. No Reasons - Will Pan feat. Orfila
  11. So Now What - Nine Chen feat. Da Shi Nv Shen
  12. I Said Nothing Like That - Pets Tseng
  13. Don't Forget Me, Child - Victor Wong
  14. I'm Not God - A'Bin
  15. Small World - Erika
  16. Wednesday Or Happy Hump Day - Waa Wei & Ma Di
  17. Give Me A Chance - Anson Hu
  18. Be Your Light - Bii
  19. Guess I'm Pretty Good - Eve Ai
  20. Natural Face - Rachel Liang
  21. We Only Speak The Truth At Seventeen - Peng Yuchang
  22. Twins In the Past Life - Joanne Tseng feat. Aaron Yan
  23. It's No Big Deal - Princess Ai
  24. Lost In Love - Don Chu
  25. I Am Who I Am - Joshua Jin
  26. The Unknown Me - A Lin
  27. Our Love - Lion
  28. Those Songs - Kevin Lin feat. Queen
  29. Autumn Cicada - Karen Mok
  30. Keep You To Myself - William So

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