The Diving Board

Elton John

The Diving Board

The recording legend has matched some of long-time collaborator Bernie Taupin's finest lyrics in some time with his own beautiful melodies to produce a collection that harks back to the stripped down sound of his '70s albums.

Rating: PG

Genre: Pop

  1. Oceans Away - Elton John
  2. Oscar Wilde Gets Out - Elton John
  3. A Town Called Jubilee - Elton John
  4. The Ballad Of Blind Tom - Elton John
  5. Dream 1 - Elton John
  6. My Quicksand - Elton John
  7. Can't Stay Alone Tonight - Elton John
  8. Voyeur - Elton John
  9. Home Again - Elton John
  10. Take This Dirty Water - Elton John
  11. Dream 2 - Elton John
  12. The New Fever Waltz - Elton John
  13. Mexican Vacation (Kids In The...) - Elton John
  14. Dream 3 - Elton John
  15. The Diving Board - Elton John
  16. Candlelit Bedroom - Elton John
  17. Home Again (Live From Capitol Studios) - Elton John
  18. Mexican Vacation (Live From Capitol) - Elton John
  19. The New Fever Waltz (Live From Capi... - Elton John

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