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Hit Canto

This issue of Hit Canto plays you the latest Canto Pop from artistes like: Hana Kuk, William So, Alfred Hui, Miriam Yeung and a special feature of Leslie Cheung, Grasshopper and Kenny Bee.

Rating: PG

Genre: Radio shows

  1. Looking For Love In The Wrong Places - On Chan
  2. Be Brave (Theme from TV Drama "Legend of the Phoenix") - Hana Kuk
  3. Goodbye (Theme from TV Drama "Barrack O'Karma") - Kayee Tam
  4. Rockstar Salon - Dear Jane
  5. Inconvenient - William So
  6. Ba Ba De Li Wu - Jason Chan
  7. Ten - Alfred Hui
  8. Champagne Lady - Tang Siu Hau
  9. Breeze Keeps Blowing (Soundtrack "Once a Thief" Theme Song) - Leslie Cheung
  10. Love Of The Past (Soundtrack "A Better Tomorrow" Theme Song) - Leslie Cheung
  11. Hunger - Eman Lam
  12. Holy Workout Song - Janice M. Vidal
  13. Feng Mi - Gin Lee
  14. Kun Shou Dou - Jace Chan
  15. In Good Hands - Panther Chan
  16. Cloudy, With Sunny Intervals - Feanna Wong
  17. Shi Lian - Grasshopper
  18. Ban Dian Xin - Grasshopper
  19. Dela - Shirley Kwan
  20. Ping An Ye - Gigi Leung
  21. Never Mind - Oscar Tao
  22. Hua Zhi Luan - Lil' Ashes
  23. Escape Door (feat. JW) [Outdoor Version] - Endy Chow
  24. In Progress - Jill Vidal
  25. Hope - Charmaine Fong
  26. Chi Xin De Yi Ju - Kenny Bee
  27. Rang Yi Qie Sui Feng - Kenny Bee
  28. Destination of Love (Theme from TV Drama "Wonder Women") - Miriam Yeung
  29. Breakup Before Sunrise (Interlude from TV Drama "Wonder Women") - Joey Thye
  30. Free My Love (Ending Theme from TV Drama "Wonder Women") - Pakho Chau

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