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This issue of Hit Canto plays you the latest Canto Pop from artistes like: Hana Kuk, William So, Alfred Hui, Miriam Yeung and a special feature of Leslie Cheung, Grasshopper and Kenny Bee.

Rating: PG

Genre: Radio shows

  1. Fine Passengers - Bae Lin
  2. Always Believe in Love - Eric Chou
  3. Fallen - Jyin Poh
  4. You Wo Ne - Evan Guo
  5. Ni Tu - Rainie Yang
  6. I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye - Trash
  7. Legend Legend - Lion
  8. Ying Xiong Xiao Shuo - Ricky Hsiao
  9. Ba Bie Ta Qing Dian - Qing Feng Wu
  10. Ni He Ni De Bao Li Long Xin - Dawen Wang
  11. Li Qun De Lu - Chen Chu Sheng
  12. Nobody Could Get You But Me - RuoFan Chang
  13. Silly Flower - Jessie Chou
  14. Piao Yang Guo Hai Lai Kan Ni - Fish Leong
  15. Long After - G.E.M.
  16. Stolen Smile - Waa Wei
  17. All about art - Ivana Wong
  18. Gei Zhu Li An - Eve Ai
  19. Addicted To Love - Ty.
  20. One More Second - Princess Ai
  21. You Make the Sun Shine (Insert Song of "Back to Home") - Alina Cheng
  22. White Hair - Khalil Fong
  23. Passionate Affection - SUE
  24. Bad Girl - Ivy Shao
  25. Shadow Self - Jolin Tsai
  26. As Song, As Life - Maggie Chiang
  27. Intriguing - Apple Kho
  28. Answer Me - Erika

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