Oscar Natzka: Great recordings 1939-50

Oscar Natzka

Oscar Natzka: Great recordings 1939-50 New Zealand Choice

Sit back and enjoy Natzka’s inspired interpretations of opera, sea shanties, oratorio, and traditional songs.

Rating: PG

Genre: New Zealand Choice

  1. The Village Blacksmith - Oscar Natzka
  2. The Yeomen of England - Oscar Natzka
  3. Song of the flea - Oscar Natzka
  4. Ol' Man River - Oscar Natzka
  5. Madamina, il catalogo e questo - Oscar Natzka
  6. When a maiden takes your fancy - Oscar Natzka
  7. Four jolly sailormen - Oscar Natzka
  8. Invictus - Oscar Natzka
  9. Asleep in the deep - Oscar Natzka
  10. Drinking (in cellar cool) - Oscar Natzka
  11. Captain Harry Morgan - Oscar Natzka
  12. Shenandoah - Oscar Natzka
  13. A'rovin - Oscar Natzka
  14. Out where the big ships go - Oscar Natzka
  15. Wandering the King's highway - Oscar Natzka
  16. Song of the volga boatmen - Oscar Natzka
  17. Captain Stratton's fancy - Oscar Natzka
  18. For England - Oscar Natzka
  19. The floral dance - Oscar Natzka
  20. Drinking song - Oscar Natzka
  21. O Isis and Osiris - Oscar Natzka
  22. Within these temple walls - Oscar Natzka
  23. The trumpet shall sound - Oscar Natzka
  24. Now is the hour - Oscar Natzka

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